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StorageOct 24, 2021

How to Properly Store Cilantro

Multiple methods to reduce waste and save money

Cilantro - some people love it, while others can’t stand it. Regardless, it’s one of the most common herbs grown and utilized today and can be found in different cuisines around the world. Its possibilities are endless - throw in a sprig to chicken soup or add chopped leaves to Mexican, Caribbean, or Asian dishes to give them extra dimension.

Check out these tips to make your herbs last longer after purchase (or harvest!), and how to preserve them in various ways for up to a year!

Pssst… These techniques can also work across many other herbs, but make sure to check out our Raddish grow guides for more unique gardening and storage tips for plants like basil, mint, parsley etc..

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For Short Term Storage:

In the Fridge:

  • Cut stems down a bit and put in a glass with water. For extra long storage, put a plastic bag over the herbs while they’re in the fridge to stay crisp! Cilantro does well in the fridge, and should last for a couple of weeks if you store this way.
  • We’ve also heard just putting sprigs straight into an airtight mason jar works too!

Cilantro Sauce Prep

Cook in new ways

Cilantro can be transformed into many simple things that last longer than the herb on its own.

  • Try whipping up a sauce like cilantro chimichurri, chermoula,or mojo! These can go on many dishes, or just served alongside raw or roasted vegetables! You should be able to enjoy these sauces for up to two weeks in the fridge, yet you can also divide portions and freeze to further extend the life of your sauces.
  • Enjoy craft cocktails? You may be surprised at how delicious cilantro can be in one. Here are some we would be excited to drink!
  1. Highland Cup: skip the mint and put cilantro in this julep.
  2. This blog has great recipes for a cilantro mojito, margarita, martini and cucumber cooler.


Long-Term Cilantro Storage

Freeze for later use

There are many ways to store cilantro in the freezer! Some methods last longer than others, but all of them are best utilized in cooked foods because the cilantro will lose much of its color and crispness when thawed. We also recommend adding cilantro at the end of cooking a meal since its flavor is sensitive to heat. Try these options out and see what works best for you!

frozen cilantro

Freeze on its own: Vacuum seal small portions of cilantro to put in the freezer so you can thaw and use just what's needed. You may opt to blanch the cilantro before freezing to help preserve some of its color, but it’s not necessary. This method should keep your cilantro in good shape for 1-3 months as long as you avoid freezer burn!

Freeze in ice cube trays: Using ice cube trays to freeze cilantro is also a great idea since they can preserve your cilantro for 6 months to a year and the trays typically hold 1 TBSP, making it very easy to measure out what you need come cooking time.

  • Freeze in water - great for soups like Pozole and in dishes that don’t require much oil like Larb!
  • Freeze in oil - great for curries and stews! Whether you choose oil or water, the process is similar. Either loosely chop your cilantro or blend it in a food processor, then add to ice cube trays and cover with liquid to protect the herb from oxygen which causes freezer burn.

dried cilantro

Drying Cilantro

Dried cilantro isn’t very common, but it can work in a pinch when you want a subtle taste or really just don’t want it to go to waste. It can add a punch into soup or saucy dishes, but we don’t recommend trying to substitute it for something like mojo or in guacamole! To do so, you can air dry cilantro by tying sprigs and hanging them upside down in a dry space for approximately a week Alternatively, you can use a traditional dehydrator, or your oven on it’s lowest temp (200F).

Bonus methods to preserving your cilantro:

If you’re a real cilantro fan, we think you’ll enjoy compounding butter or infusing salt with it! Here are two delicious recipes to try it out.


By growing your own cilantro, you can skip a lot of these steps and just harvest what you need for a recipe! Raddish can help you plan and manage your garden almost every step of the way. For growing tips on cilantro yourself, head to our comprehensive grow guide.

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